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3 Do’s And Don’ts When Buying A New Car
Written by The Barry Law Firm
Doesn’t it feel amazing to get a new car? The excitement of shopping for the latest style, showing off your shiny new wheels around town, and who could forget that new-car smell. Getting a new car is a great experience.
Deals are everywhere too! It’s easier and easier to find great prices and financing on new and used cars. Some dealers and dealerships will do anything to put you in their car, even if that car won’t even make it home.

Lots of new car owners quickly find themselves in the repair shop when they don’t shop carefully. You’re a consumer and you have rights! Make sure you’re ready and protected when you go to buy your new car.

Follow these three do’s and don’ts for buying your car from a dealer, and you’ll be all set.

DO Demand Respect
Work with a salesperson you trust. Car salespeople have a reputation for being pushy, and some really are. But there are a lot of hard-working men and women who really do want the best for you in finding your new car. Work with someone like that.  

Demand timely responses and keep your salesperson accountable. Create an atmosphere of professionalism to make sure you get the respect you deserve. When the person selling you a car knows you mean business, he or she is more likely to shoot straight with you.

Most of all, take your time. Buying a car is a big decision and you have every right to consider it carefully. Some managers pressure their salespeople to pressure you, but you don’t have to let this bother you. Allow yourself all the space and time you need.

DON’T Ignore Problems With Your New Car
Getting a new car means you don’t have to worry about it breaking down for a while…or so you hope. Even the shiniest new cars are sometimes rotten on the inside. Some dealers don’t know they’re selling you a broken car, but some do. If you start hearing strange noises or you’re just not feeling right about your new car, take it into the shop right away.

Your warranty pays for repairs on your new car, so it doesn’t cost you money to get it fixed. Your dealer can catch most problems early on and get you back on the road. You might even have a problem your dealer can’t fix – it’s even more important you take your car in to be looked at in this case. Taking your car into the dealer for repair multiple times for the same problem creates a record that there’s something seriously wrong with your car, and it’s not your fault.

When in doubt, check it out. You deserve to have a car you can count on. It’s what you paid for after all! Even if you’re not quite sure what’s wrong but something feels a little off, have your dealer take a look at it.

DO Call a Consumer Activist Attorney If You Need One
The worst has happened: You spent a huge amount of your hard-earned cash on a new car that just won’t run. Your dealer won’t give you the time of day and definitely not your money back. When you feel defeated, taken advantage of and helpless, it’s time to find legal help.

You might think that calling a lawyer sounds extreme, or even that a lawyer is even worse than the sleazy car dealer that’s putting the screws to you right now. You need to find a specialized consumer activist attorney who focuses on helping new car buyers like yourself get relief and justice when their new cars break down.

David Barry is a consumer activist attorney who understands what it feels like to be stuck with a broken car that a dealer won’t fix – because it happened to him. He started The Barry Law Firm to do one thing and one thing only: to help new car buyers like yourself stand up to big car dealerships and manufacturers and win.

Working with us will never, never, ever cost you money. Guaranteed.

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Even if your car is now out of warranty, you may still be entitled to compensation under the California lemon law so long as your problems started during your warranty. We represent consumers in lemon law cases throughout California regardless of location.
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